Simple Polymer Simulation

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This is a simple simulation of basic polymers ; i.e., molecular networks. In this mini-project, we simulate linear chains of soft spheres. The interaction between spheres, both bonded and non-bonded interactions are modeled with simplistic math and brownian dynamics is used to update the sphere positions using random movement, directed by the interaction terms.

See these related projects for more details on methodology. You can adjust the parameters of the simulation by changing the JavaScript code below. Just hit the "Start" button to begin simulation. Note, the full simulation runs within your web browser; nothing is done server side. At the bottom of this page, we plot the progression of internal energy to track the relaxation/equilibration of the simulated system.
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var r = 0.05;{ polymerLength: 8, NPolymers: 50, particleRadius: r, // minimum energy length of bonds rBondZero: 3 * r, // multiplicative factor of bond strength bondFactor: 0.1, // LJ interaction strength epsilon: 0.00002, // LJ length scale sigma: 2 * r, // BD update length scale randomScale: 0.5 * r, // How frequently to update the neighbor lists in simulation cycleDuration: 50, // How frequently to sample the internal engery analysisRate: 10, // How frequently the visulaization is updated visualizationRate: 10 });