Matt Hagy

I’m a software engineer and have previously been a data scientist, manager, and academic. Here’s an assortment of various personal projects and blog posts. | |

DB From Zero

A series of small projects implementing various database components and benchmarking their performance. Here are a few highlighted projects:

Substack analysis and experiments

Software engineering

Data science, analytics, and statistical modeling

Computational statistical chemistry

Small machine learning research projects

Open source software

In-browsers chemistry simulations

A few simple simulations developed in Scala.js that run within your web browser to demonstrate various simulations and analysis methods.

Learning and leveraging Scala

A small series that aims to teach Scala to non-engineers with a focus on quickly learning the basics to start getting things done with this powerful programming language.

  1. Quickly learning the basics of Scala through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs examples
  2. A brief tour of lists in Scala and algorithmically processing them in SICP exercises
  3. Interactively exploring Reddit posts using basic Scala in your browser